Too busy to be blogging....

Things have a been a little quiet here since I started working full-time as a Senior Graphic Designer for UK HealthCare in April. I’m still taking on freelance work, I just don’t have as much time to post it here. But I’m really enjoying my work at UK, and I’ve started learning to create motion graphics and videos in After Effects, so hopefully I’ll have some time in the future to post some of that work. In the meantime, hit the contact link up top if you need some design help.

Best of the Best in Indiana Journalism

I am thrilled to announce that for the second year in a row, I was awarded two Best of the Best in Indiana Journalism awards for my work in Bloom Magazine. I won second and third place prizes for Design Other Than Cover for all print media. I'd like to thank the Indiana chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and my co-contributors at Bloom Magazine. You can read more about the awards here. The winning layouts can be seen here and here.


Logo First Aid

I always love the opportunity to help my friends pursue their professional dreams, so I was excited when my friend Terri contacted me asking for help with a logo for her new real estate business. She had created an image in the Over app that was close to what she wanted, but wisely sought professional help in making a versatile mark that would display well across different mediums. As you can see below her original logo (on the left) would lose readability at smaller sizes, and printing it in one color or all white would be a problem. Also, she had no usage rights to the feather image. So I created a custom feather illustration for her and moved it out of the way so it would no longer obstruct the text. And now she has a clean, easily scale-able and printable logo that should serve her business well. So, if you live in the New Albany, IN area, you should contact Terri to help with your house-hunting or staging, because she’s awesome. And you should always seek professional help when you need a logo.


Bloom February/March 2019 issue drops today!

The February/March 2019 issue of Bloom drops today! I really loved working on the cover story about Bloomington’s Black Leaders of Tomorrow. I was inspired by comicbook movies with black superheroes like Black Panther and Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse to present these awesome kids as the heroes that they are.

Also in this issue, an interesting glimpse of Bloomington’s history via the headstones in Rose Hill Cemetery; and the annual Wedding Guide, featuring a gorgeous, snowy, winter wedding and a really fun Scottish-themed one as well.

Visit to see more from this issue!


13Bloom_Black Leaders of Tomorrow_76.jpg

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I am happy to announce that I was awarded two Best of the Best Indiana Journalism awards for my work in Bloom Magazine in 2017. I won first place in Magazine Cover Design, all magazines and periodicals, and a second place prize for Design Other Than Cover for all print media. I'd like to thank the Indiana chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, my coworkers at Bloom Magazine, and all of the mentors that have helped shaped my career thus far. You can read more about the awards here and here.


So In Sew

When a client contacts me about designing a logo, I usually like to work up at least three initial design concepts to present. Since I just finished a logo for So In Sew, LLC, a small quilting business, I thought it might be fun to share not only the finished product, but also the three initial concepts. The client is from Southern Indiana, and she wanted the logo to reflect that. She also mentioned a love for mid-century modern design, so I was able to draw inspiration from the textiles and graphic design of that era as well.


When the Real Life Mom Bloggers needed a logo and header for their site, they wanted something that not only reflected the tone of their writing, but also stood out from the typical "Mommy Blog."


You can follow the adventures of these funny ladies over at


I recently had the pleasure of working on a logo for a very talented textile artist and one of the specifications for the logo was that it needed to work well on a 1" round pin. Apparently attendees at a quilt convention named "Quilt Con" exchange custom pins, sort of like visitors do at Disney World. Here are Ph.D. Stitchery's pins in all their glory:

If you're on Instagram and interested in seeing some of the other artist's pin designs, search #quiltconpinswap.

Behind the Design: Factory Finish

When the owner of Factory Finish contacted me about a logo for his paintless dent removal company, the only request he made was to avoid automobile imagery if possible. Because, if you Google "paintless dent removal," pretty much every company logo you see includes some variation of a car silhouette.

So I started sketching, playing around with the name "Factory Finish" and focusing on the letter "F." And after doing a little online research, I found a photo of the tools used in paintless dent removal, and I thought to myself "Hey, I see some letters!"

So the final logo includes a stylized "F" made from the shapes of the tools of the trade. It stands out from the pack of car-shaped competition, and the bold mark is going to make a strong impression on Factory Finish's customers.

New site is up and running!

Welcome to the newly redesigned Aesop Design Studio! I decided to give Squarespace a whirl to create a website that would not only be easier for me to update personally, but also be easier to view on a smartphone and include a blogging space. So far so good!

I'm not quite sure what I want this space to be about yet, but hopefully I can use it to feature some of my projects as well as introduce you to some other creative folks. Stay tuned...